Resource #4 – American Ramp Company

July 11, 2013

World Skate Parks (the worldwide division of American Ramp Company) offers its own skatepark equipment grant and can provide assistance in securing additional grants. Be sure to contact an ARC skatepark specialist for details at: 800-949-2024.

Additionally, American Ramp Company also matches the Tony Hawk Grant dollar for dollar in additional equipment.

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Resource #3 – Skatewave

Start your skatepark! In today’s tighter economic environment, there never seems to be enough money in the budget. Funding can often be an obstacle to making the skatepark of your dreams a reality. We’ve made it easier to get the Skatewave® 3.0 skatepark equipment you want…with the flexible financing you need.

Skatewave has aligned with U.S. Commerce Equipment Finance, L.L.C. to provide cities, counties, schools, daycares, corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships and nonprofit organizations with efficient financing solutions. With our lease-purchase options, you can build your skatepark today and fund it over time. This is a great way to get all the skatepark design options you want and still effectively manage your cash flow. You’ll find the rates are very attractive and the process is simple.

You can also work through GSA or HGACBuy for excellent pricing and a simplified process. Just contact us or your local representative today to learn more.

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Resource #2 – Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Charities offers grants to nonprofit organizations that help children and young people around the world achieve their potential. The grant application must demonstrate that the proposed skatepark will directly improve the health and well-being of children under 21, produce measurable results and will be sustained without additional Ronald McDonald House funding. The skatepark must also have a long-term strategic plan, staff to execute it, and the ability to be replicated in other communities.

Ronald McDonald House Charities
One Kroc Drive
Oak Brook, IL 60523

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Resource #1 – Tony Hawk Foundation

The primary mission of the Tony Hawk Foundation is to promote high quality, public skateparks in low-income areas throughout the United States. While we realize that not every area can afford to build big, expensive skateparks, we feel strongly that public skateparks should be designed and constructed by experienced contractors. We also believe that local officials should treat public skateparks the same way they treat public basketball courts or tennis courts, meaning that anyone may show up and use them anytime, unsupervised. The foundation primarily considers skatepark projects that:

  1. are designed and built from concrete by qualified and experienced skatepark contractors.
  2. include local skaters throughout the planning, fundraising, and design process.
  3. are in low-income areas and/or areas with a high population of “at-risk” youth.
  4. can demonstrate a strong grassroots commitment to the project, particularly in the form of fundraising by local skateboarders and other community groups.
  5. have a creative mix of street obstacles (rails, ledges, stairs, etc.) and transition/vert terrain (quarterpipes, bowls, halfpipes, etc.)
  6. don’t require skaters or their parents to sign waivers.
  7. encourage skaters to look after their own safety and the safety of others without restricting their access to the park or over-regulating their use of it.
  8. are open during daylight hours, 365 days a year.
  9. don’t charge an entrance fee.
  10. are in areas that currently have no skateboarding facilities. (more…)
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